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Entrance to Heaven in Bogota, Colombia

Bogotá unlike other big cities in South America is chaotic and in a rush all time, for 8 years “Las Puertas del Cielo” (In Spanish) have been a chill event for the hip culture to have a relax and calm Sunday in Bogota.

Andrea Arbeláez (designer) and Beatriz Ramírez (cook) are the girls behind this event that nowadays is getting bigger and bigger. They saw the need for designers to have a space to sell their products and have a direct contact with clients, besides apart from Ciclovía (A Sunday where lot’s of main streets are closed for cyclists, that’s another story…), Sunday  it’s a dead day, few things to do, lot’s of things closed and by starting this project they enriched they cultural agenda of this lonely day.

On December 12 and 13 was held the 21th “Puertas del Cielo” (In Spanish) with several different options to eat, a designer’s plaza and a stage for Djs and bands.

With a super sunny day (compared to the northern countries we don’t have seasons, we got rainy days, sunny days, cold days, hot days, etc) and Club Colombia as the main sponsor (A Colombian beer brand) and with more than 16.000 assistants.

More than 120 independent designers from all the country, a perfect option to buy a unique present for christmas.

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Messenger company startup that was in charge of taking your purchases home. Liftit Colombia

Delivery StartUp

A full of local and international food stands

And for people who just wanted to chill and take the sun while having a beer there were some puffs seats on the floor with a table (made with an industrial cable reel).

Some of this events are growing in Bogotá and Colombia and people is becoming more demanding with what they do with their spare time and with what they buy, it may sound kind of hip but uniqueness in a core value that can be hardly copied by big companies.

Hopefully this event will increase and evolve for the good of our monotonous lifes (kidding 😉 )


Erik Andrade


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