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Business Card Case made of Japanese paper designed by Naoto Fukasawa

↓Hello. Today, I would like to introduce a special business card case. This one is made of Japanese paper, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, who is one of the most famous Japanese product designer.

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Brand story : SIWA(紙和)

SIWA (紙和) is a Japanese paper brand in Yamanashi prefecture. SIWA has double meaning actually. SIWA is opposite way of reading “WA-SI” which means Japanese paper, in Japanese. And “SI-WA(皺)” means a kind of texture or finishing which is created by Japanese paper, like a crease. In that sense, this brand name signify it’s phyrosophy itself, I think. That is the reason why I like this brand.



Product story : Business card case


s_img_1041 s_img_1042


Ciao ciao!

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