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Everyday doorstep delivery services in India

As we all know, in recent years, India has become one of the fastest growing emerging economy in asia. As this economy is developing in varied areas/ sectors (like technological, educational, cultural and so on) with a very fast pace while coping up with the ongoing evolution globally.
Today,in India, with this huge population spread in diverse geography and cultures, there are some traditional services still functioning. It’s very interesting to see how these services are still alive in parallel to the new tech influenced services popping up everyday.

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It’s all about ‘TRUST’….

I am talking about multiple traditional doorstep delivery services in India, that are still functioning very well since many many years. For example, “doodhwala” (Milkman), “Paperwala” (Newspaper delivery boy), “Laundrywala” (Laundryman), “Kiranawala” (man who delivers grocery), “Sabjiwala” (fresh vegetable delivery man)..
Oh! When I come to think about it, there are so many of them; realizing that these people make our lives so much easier and convenient since many generations.

Generally, they have distribution network spread in small regions and communities.
Like other delivery people, they often get to know their clients very well, and they become familiar faces in the community. Typically, He/she would stop at each house, sort through
customer orders, and deliver products (milk, newspaper, etc.) on people’s doorsteps, everyday. With the interactions of many years, they share very special bond with their clients and almost become like family members.

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Another main point, that I should mention here is about payment! Generally they take payments at the end of the month, after satisfactory service delivery.
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Once, I asked our milkman (who delivers fresh milk daily), “ Why do you prefer taking money at the end of the month? Why don’t you go for pre-paid service delivery?”  His answer was interesting, he said, “ I have been delivering milk to your house since past many years, we have become like a family, and I know you wouldn’t cheat me. I trust you. This special bond of trust between us means a lot to me.So….”  
Later, I asked the my grandmother about him. Then she said, “ His father used to deliver milk to our house before he started. She has known him since he was a small kid, who used to accompany his father to help in deliver milk everyday to many households.” Also, she mentioned that she could trust him blindly that he delivers fresh and best quality milk to us!

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After these conversations, I was so amazed to see, how we share a very intimate relationship with these traditional doorstep delivery people and I hope in future we’ll continue to do so.
Since childhood, I have been seeing these people almost everyday, they are so happy in doing their job perfectly; they just take 3-4 days off yearly thinking that any sort of inconvenience should not be caused to the customers.

I feel with this human touch make these simple services seem to be win-win situation for both customers and service providers.

In this article, I just tried writing about overview with a few interesting elements. But I feel, as we go deeper, there are many more facts and features of these traditional services those could be explored in detail further!

Till then, keep exploring ! 🙂

Writer: Dhanashri Walimbe

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