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Entrance to Heaven in Bogota, Colombia

Bogotá unlike other big cities in South America is chaotic and in a rush all time, for 8 years “Las Puertas del Cielo” (In Spanish) have been a chill event for the hip culture to have a relax and calm Sunday in Bogota. Andrea Arbeláez (designer) and Beatriz Ramírez (cook) are the girls behind this event that nowadays is getting bigger and bigger. They saw the need for designers to have a space to sell their products and have a direct contact with clients, besides apart from Ciclovía (A Sunday…

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After a year and a half living in Europe I came back to my home country Colombia, where I realized that I knew more European countries than American ones (by America I refer to the continent from Canada to Argentina). The fact that in Europe is easy and quite cheap to travel within it, I arrived to Colombia used to this way of spending weekends and holidays. Desperate for traveling, I talked to my brother and my cousin and started planning it. Our destiny was the capital of Mexico, Mexico…

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