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After a year and a half living in Europe I came back to my home country Colombia, where I realized that I knew more European countries than American ones (by America I refer to the continent from Canada to Argentina). The fact that in Europe is easy and quite cheap to travel within it, I arrived to Colombia used to this way of spending weekends and holidays. Desperate for traveling, I talked to my brother and my cousin and started planning it. Our destiny was the capital of Mexico, Mexico…

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Everyday doorstep delivery services in India

As we all know, in recent years, India has become one of the fastest growing emerging economy in asia. As this economy is developing in varied areas/ sectors (like technological, educational, cultural and so on) with a very fast pace while coping up with the ongoing evolution globally. Today,in India, with this huge population spread in diverse geography and cultures, there are some traditional services still functioning. It’s very interesting to see how these services are still alive in parallel to the new tech influenced services popping up everyday. Sponsored…

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