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Sushi in Tokyo?? Yes, but how about reasonable “Izakaya”, Japanese bar?

What do you want to eat in Tokyo? Probably you will say, “Sushi”, “Tempura”, or “Sashimi”. Probably you will try to find the best sushi shop in Tokyo, or the most reasonable sushi restaurant in Tokyo. That is one of great choices, of course. But, here, I would daringly recommend you other place than sushi shop, which is called “Izakaya(居酒屋)”.

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What is Izakaya(居酒屋)??

Izakaya is a Japanese syle bar, so called. Here, you can eat different types of foods and drinks. Typically, sashimi and sake. However, you will be surprised, finding those variations.


I recommend you “Isomaru-suisan(磯丸水産)” as a reasonable Izakaya

Among a lot of Izakaya, I would recommend you “isomaru-suisan” as a place to go, when you visit Tokyo. There are 3 reasons:)

First, tastes are great and variations are multiple. Not only sashimi, but also “yaki-mono” is great choice to eat.

Secondly, it opens 24 hours! So you can keep drinking and eating from night to next morning, if you prefer.

Lastly, price is reasonable. One middle size whiskey or cook tail costs just 2 Euro. And one sashimi plate costs 4 Euro or so.

Isomaru-suisan official website

1. 24 hours opening Japanese bar style place

As it opens 24 hours, you can go there anytime you want. But I recommend you to visit here on weekend in a daytime. Because you can feel freedom of drinking beer in a real Japanese atmosphere. This experience gives your trip nicer memory:)


2. Lunch is also great and experience is amazing

During lunch time, you can find kaisen-don(海鮮丼). Which you have to eat during your trip in Japan at once. This is super diliciois and looks beautiful and cheap enough. If you order one kaisendon and miso soup and one beer, just 9 Euro:) Enjoy your meal:)


Ciao ciao!

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