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Ciao! Do you know Ibaraki prefecture in Japan? Maybe you don’t know. I know that. People outside of Japan usually know only Tokyo and Kyoto. However, this time I daringly want to speak about this unknown prefecture, which name is Ibaraki. Why??? Because there is a huge art event in this prefecture which you should go or should know at least! This event is called “KENPOKU ART 2016”.

Where is Ibaraki prefecture?

Ibaraki prefecture is located in east part of Japan. You can access there 2 and half hours from Tokyo by train. This prefecture has beautiful sea and mountains, because which the theme of the event “KENPOKU” is both sea and mountain actually.

Access: From JR UENO station To JR HITACHI station by Joban-line


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What is “KENPOKU ART 2016”?

KENPOKU ART 2016 is a huge art festival. KENPOKU means north part of the prefecture. Now you can imagine how huge the event is. This event is organised by all part of northern Ibaraki. More than 4-5 towns in that prefecture have joined in this event. Various types of artists introduce their concepts and arts not only from Ibaraki and Japan, but also from all over the world. So this event also contains some meaning of local vitalisation in order to attract people from outside of the prefecture and allow them to find not only art but also a bunch of enchantments of itself such as foods, towns, people and souvenir and so on.

Here you can check what is the event.

KENPOKU ART Official website

What you should see? – Several art pieces

Here, I would love to introduce several art pieces which you should see! But, I am sorry! Guys! These art pieces are just only parts of all arts shown in this super big events! I hope that you can take some inspiration and interest from this post, and hope you will get interested in Ibaraki prefecture itself, where I have been born, haha!

1. Hitachi station – 4 rainbows by Daniel Buren

First place you may arrive from Tokyo is Hitachi station. Once you get there, you will face magical fantasy in front of you. This colorful rainbow is the first art you will encounter in this event. This rainbow art is designed by Daniel Buren, suiting with the architecture of famous Hitachi station, being impressive of its all glass surface and modern style, designed by Kazuyo Sejima. Here your motivation and emotion for the trip must be augmented naturally through this fantastic experience:)


2. Hozumike jutaku – several art pieces

Finding a place to eat lunch having local foods, you should go to Hozumike jutaku. Not just enjoying Hitachi-gyu, which is one of Wagyu brand, if you may know, but you will see several impressive art pieces and Japanese style architecture. I recommend you to visit here because of this Japanese traditional architecture experiences made of woods. Kyoto is not the only place where you can feel traditional Japan!!

s_img_0970 s_img_0833 s_img_0849


3. Tenshin memorial goura museum- Digital arts by Team Lab

After one hour driving from Hitachi station with rental car, you will arrive at a museum located near seaside. Here you can see cutting-edge digital arts designed by team lab, who are technologists and artists actively publishing their own digital world towards world.



4. Rokkaku-dou – To feel Japanese sense of “Zen”

Next to Tenshin memorial goura museum, you will arrive at Japanese style traditional architecture, called Rokkaku-do. Here, you can see Japanese Zen spirit. I don’t say any further about art itself, because it’s hard to explain and I want you to feel it by your self. Probably, you guys from outside of Asia will feel completely different type of sense and feel here as your culture. I would like to know what you guys have felt in this place.

s_s_fullsizerender_1 image


5. Art outside – Sky fallen into the earth

Lastly, you should visit a coast where you will see a wired situation. A part of sky was fallen into the world.


I hope you got interested in Ibaraki prefecture through this journey of art:)

Ciao ciao!

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