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Sushi in Tokyo?? Yes, but how about reasonable “Izakaya”, Japanese bar?

What do you want to eat in Tokyo? Probably you will say, “Sushi”, “Tempura”, or “Sashimi”. Probably you will try to find the best sushi shop in Tokyo, or the most reasonable sushi restaurant in Tokyo. That is one of great choices, of course. But, here, I would daringly recommend you other place than sushi shop, which is called “Izakaya(居酒屋)”. Sponsored link What is Izakaya(居酒屋)?? Izakaya is a Japanese syle bar, so called. Here, you can eat different types of foods and drinks. Typically, sashimi and sake. However, you will…

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Ciao! Do you know Ibaraki prefecture in Japan? Maybe you don’t know. I know that. People outside of Japan usually know only Tokyo and Kyoto. However, this time I daringly want to speak about this unknown prefecture, which name is Ibaraki. Why??? Because there is a huge art event in this prefecture which you should go or should know at least! This event is called “KENPOKU ART 2016”. Where is Ibaraki prefecture? Ibaraki prefecture is located in east part of Japan. You can access there 2 and half hours from…

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